The Bitaxe is a permissionless project. Anyone can build, modify and sell Bitaxe hardware in whatever way they see fit. The Bitaxe Legit™ program highlights sellers that follow the terms of the Bitaxe source license and the following guidelines.
Sellers listed here have been verified only to follow these guidelines. makes no guarantee about the function or performance of products from any sellers. ie we have no control over them; YMMV, DYOR
Seller Region Description Contributes to OSMU
Altair USA Altair sells the BitaxeUltra and a custom enclosure. Yes
Bitcoin Merch USA Bitcoin Merch sells the BitaxeUltra and produces several tutorial videos. Yes
Bitronics Europe Bitronics sells the BitaxeUltra, the NerdMiner and the LNBCARD -- from the creator of the NerdMiner. Yes
D-Central Canada D-Central sells the BitaxeMax, BitaxeUltra, a DIY kit and a couple different custom enclosures. D-Central produces educational articles and videos. Yes
Go Brrr Austria Go Brrr sells the BitaxeUltra, a custom enclosure and the legendary SeedSigner No
NerdMiner Store Europe sells the BitaxeMax, BitaxeUltra and NerdMiners No
Open Source Miners USA OpensourceMiner is a manufacturer of the BitaxeUltra. They sell Bitaxe hardware, accessories and high fashion merchandise. Yes
Silexperience France Silexperience is a manufacturer and seller of the BitaxeMax and BitaxeUltra. They also offer a wide array of Bitaxe and Nerdminer enclosures. No
The Solo Mining Co. UK The Solo Mining Co. sells the BitaxeUltra and a custom stand/enclosure. Yes
TinyChipHub China TinyChipHub sells the BitaxeUltra and bare ASICs No
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